About The Author

Gerald Atkins has accumulated over 55 years of broad civil engineering experience with special emphasis in the planning, design, and construction supervision of water supply, storage, and distribution projects; wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal projects; roads, highways, and traffic control projects; flood control and drainage projects; site development projects; and other civil engineering projects.  Mr. Atkins has been a Registered Civil Engineer in California, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Mr. Atkins has been working with AutoCAD since 1992 and Civil 3D since 2008.  He became very proficient with AutoCAD Civil 3D and wrote an Instruction Manual with Template and Tutorial Drawings with the Title “Preparation of Construction Drawings Utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D” for which Copyright Txu 2-165-129 was obtained.  Mr. Atkins also created the “Civil 3D Video Series” which contains over 90 videos based on the Instruction Manual.   The Manuals, Tutorial and Template Drawings, and Civil 3D Video Series are applicable for All versions of Civil 3D, 2012-2021 and beyond

These products are the best available for learning how to use AutoCAD Civil 3D in the quickest way possible.  The Manuals and Videos contain detailed, easy to follow, step by step illustrations for the preparation of Construction Drawings for Road, Drainage, Water, and Sewer Improvement Projects.  Using the Videos, Instruction Manuals, Template Drawings, and Tutorial Drawings, a person will learn over 90% of Civil 3D’s capabilities in a fairly short period of time. Also, the Videos and Condensed Outline can be used as a quick reference on other Civil Engineering Design Projects and the Template Drawings can be used with very little or no modifications.